Bukowski/Shapiro/Wachtenheim/Epstein family #galicia #ukraine


Hello everyone,

My last time I asked about subcarpatia's archive 

Thank you everyone who wrote me and tried to help and of course thank this site for this service,you really make avodat kodesh.

Today I ask for advice 

I am trying to locate  family from Skole, Galicia Austria,now Ukraine.

To Skole they came from another place (Bessarabia?

 Marmorosh ? Veretzko?)

The question  is where? Which  archive? 

I know AGAD, State Archive  of Lvov Oblast,Uzhgorod's archive 

Maybe you  know something  more

Where are you looking for?

Thank you very very much,

please,write me  jenya.kanadov@...

P. S. If anyone of you needs translate from russian and I can help, write me also.

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