Rabbis Mantel and family: Herman, Hugo, Louis in Far Rockaway, New York and Jerusalem #usa #israel



I am tracing the family tree of the Friedmann family from Hungary and Vienna who came to New York in the 1930s. One of the branches, Hugo Mantel and his wife Edith and son Jonathan moved to Israel in the 1950s, would anyone be able to help find out about any other family they had in Israel? Hugo died in 1983, Edith in 2001 and Jonathan in 2002.

Hugo's brother Louis Mantel was a Hebrew teacher and died in 1996 in Far Rockaway, New York. I am trying to work out if he married or had any children, but I can't find any in the records. I would also love to know more about his aunt Margit Friedmann who was married to my great uncle Miksa Weisz. Although they divorced in 1929 in Vienna, Margit kept her married name, so died as Margit Weiss. She also lived in Far Rockaway and died there in April 1976. Nobody in the family knows what happened to Miksa, it is one of my ambitions to find that out too. I don't think he went to America and could have ended up anywhere after his divorce. He didn't return to his daughter from his 2nd wife (who died in the Spanish flu in 1918), she was looked after by her grandparents in Budapest.

Would anyone know more about the Mantels in Israel, or about Louis and Margit in Far Rockaway?

Huge gratitude if anyone is able to help
Best wishes

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