research Maurice Leizerson, or Mojsche Leizerson or eventualy Levinson #poland #usa

Danielle Czal

I search the brother of my grand father. My grand father, who lived in Paris till 1911, called him "Maurice " (perhaps mojshe,)  Leizerson. He was born in Varsovie around 1886 (+ or_ 2 years). His father called Salomon or Szlama Leizerson; he married Sara Scheindle Chwast.
My grand father wrote that his brother was in New York in 1926. He was glove maker, at this time. He has a sister, that my grand father called "Lola"  (i don't know her polish or yiddish first name) younger than "Maurice", born in Varsovie in 1890 (+ or - 2 years)., also in USA. 
I found "Maurice" like a wedding witness in Paris in 1925. 
I don't know if he lived in New York and returned in Paris in 1925, then came back after to New york or in another place in USA.
If somebody could help me to find him,  it would be very kind.
Danielle Czalczynski

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