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Count the generations back to the siblings on EACH side so if on your side it is 4 and on the other side it is 3, the smaller number is the cousin - in this case 3 and the positive difference is the removed (4-3)=1.  It does not matter whose number is smaller.  So in this example the relationship would be third cousins once removed.  If the numbers were 2 and 5, it would be second cousins 3 times removed.

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I have never found an answer for which viewpoint is used to determine a connection to a cousin. I recently discovered the great-granddaughter of my great-great-grandfather. From my standpoint I would think she would be my 3rd cousin, once removed. However, Ancestry says she is my 2nd cousin, once removed (up a generation). That seems to be from her viewpoint. I then checked the great-granddaughter of my grandfather. This time Ancestry looked at it from my viewpoint, and labeled her my 1st cousin, once removed. (down a generation). Can someone clarify, as I have always wondered. Thanks.

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