Chernigov Family Lists Uploaded to JewishGen Website #ukraine #translation

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow researchers,


I am happy to report that data from family lists (tax censuses) for the Glukhov, Starodub, and Mglin uezds (districts) in 1882 -- translated and transcribed as part of the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project -- has been uploaded to the JewishGen website.


The lists are classified under the heading "Ukraine Revision Lists". (Strictly speaking these are not revision lists, but the information in them is similar enough that they fit into this classification.) Once you have linked to the database, the far right column labels the publication type as family lists.


You can find these lists by searching the JewishGen Unified Search for a particular surname that you believe came from the area in or near the Glukhov, Starodub, or Mglin uezds. Information you will find in the lists, in addition to a person's name, father's name, family relationship, gender, and age, may include where the family is registered, how long they have lived in their current location, their passport number, whether they own land or rent, and the head of family's occupation. The database includes the FHL film number and the image number. So far all translations under this project have come from film number 1222346, but the project includes five other films that will eventually be added. The films have been scanned and can be viewed on the FamilySearch website.


Thank you to all who made donations to advance the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project. The project still has a long way to go to completion, but this is a very good start.


Beth Galleto

Project Leader



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