Re: From Which Viewpoint Are Cousins Named? #general #names

Joyaa Antares

Sarah Meyer writes, “Count the generations back to the siblings on EACH side so if on your side it is 4 and on the other side it is 3, the smaller number is the cousin - in this case 3 and the positive difference is the removed (4-3)=1.  It does not matter whose number is smaller.  So in this example the relationship would be third cousins once removed (my underline).  If the numbers were 2 and 5, it would be second cousins 3 times removed.  

As I read Carl’s original post, if he counts back to the siblings as Sarah suggests (and would give the correct answer), then it is 3 on Carl’s side and 2 on the other.  As ancestry correctly stated, second cousins once removed (2C1R).

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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