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Ron Hoenig

My father Gabor Hoenig (1922-2015) was part of group of forced labor survivors who wrote a short collective history of the IX/1 Battalion of forced laborers. It's in Hungarian and is named after a pop song of 40s A vaci utca felragyog (Vaci Street lights up). Its author was Propper Jeno. Those who can read Hungarian would find it very useful. On the back there is the following (my very rough translation)

More than a third of us perished between the curve of the Don and the battlefield. From our many companies nobody or a few solitary witnesses survived.A great many of us perished in the mines at Bor or on the road. Huge numbers also died on the Western border or were deported to the German territories. Forty two percent of the  "lucky" company survived and fifty-eight percent died or disappeared in the last few weeks. We cherish the memory of our comrades who were unable to survive the murderous weeks of the Nyilas (Arrow Cross) regime, and the memories of the millions who were cruelly murdered by facsism. We trust the future of our memories to this chronicle. Letters don't die ...

Ron Hoenig
Adealide South Australia

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