I've hit the wall looking for Aleksandrowicz....Help #galicia


In Stanislawow, Poland, my great great Uncle Meir Weissberg and his
wife had four children. One of them, Frydryka (b 1892 Stanislawow),
married Alexander Aleksandrowicz. Alexander was born 1887 in
Brody, Poland, and was the vice president of an Austrian bank. He
traveled to Vienna frequently. The children of Frydryka and Alexander
(Lidia, Irena and Norbert, b1915 and 1917) were born in Vienna. Irena
and Norbert were twins. Eventually, after some time in Lipnik,
Bielsko-Biala, where Alexander's father lived, the family returned to
Stanislawow. This is where the trail goes cold.

I have documents >from the archives in Ivano-Frankivsk (formerly
Stanislawow), Vienna and Lipnik >from which I have gleaned the above

In addition, Frydryka Weissberg had three siblings. Jozef Karol (who
later changed his name to Bialogorski, under which he penned several
novels with erotic themes) moved to L'viv, where he worked in the tax
office. Klara, who married Adolph Lax, had no children and both were
murdered by the Nazis. And lastly, Wilhelm, about whom I know
nothing, other than he was born in Stanislawow, 08 Nov 1897.

I've not gotten a reply >from ITS, but there is no listing in the Yad
Vashem database.

Anyone with any information, ideas, suggestions as to where I can go
for information about the Aleksandrowicz family, specifically their
children and their children's children, I would be most grateful.

Please contact me privately, palekaiko@....

Thank you,

Michael Diamant

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