Re: Har Nebo Cemetery in Phila #photographs #usa

Chana Bonn

I visited Har Nebo about 3 years ago, and the cemetery was in very nice condition.  In fact, the groundskeeper was mowing the grass when I visited.  I have relatives buried there in the Prushin-Shershov section.   The person in the office was very helpful when called, although it did take a couple of days for him to return the call.  The cemetery is in a very decent urban setting, with schools bordering two sides and streets with houses bordering another.  The fourth side is bordered by a major thoroughfare street.  Even though the area is okay, it is still a good idea to go with another person, since cemeteries are relatively deserted places.  The respondent who wrote about the poor condition of the cemetery may have been referring to another, nearby cemetery that is owned by Har Nebo and which had been vandalized.  That cemetery (Mt. Carmel) has undergone repairs and has had additional security measures put in place.  It is located in a much older and semi-industrialized urban area.  
I am sure that if you call the office they will eventually get back to you and perhaps take photos.  They have very good records of burials there, and I believe some of that information is now available online.
Chana Bonn

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