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Josephine Rosenblum

I have a different opinion of Har Nebo.  Years ago, I paid a professional genealogist to discover where in Philadelphia my grandfather was interred.  I had his death certificate with the exact date of death in 1909.  When the researcher found my grandfather--Sigmund SEGAL--was at Har Nebo, I asked the cemetery for a photo.  Their reply was they did not have anyone by that name, so I paid a second researcher, who agreed that Har Nebo was correct.  My second cousins, who went to the cemetery office personally, were told they absolutely did not have Sigmund SEGAL.

My cousins have many other SEGAL relatives there and visited their graves.  They looked around, just in case Sigmund was there, but they did not see a tombstone for him.  They do not read Hebrew.  As they were leaving, they turned around once more, and there, on the back of a marble stone, was "Sigmund SEGAL" as clear as can be!  The front of the stone is all Hebrew.  He is interred just 2-3 graves away from his sister and mother, each with English lettering.

I contacted Har Nebo again, and their response was that their records show him as "Sigmund SAGEL", and they would not change their records, although the death certificate and stone clearly spell the name SEGAL.  Their reason--their record has been there since 1909, so they won't change it, even to correct their mistake.

Between Sigmund's grave and those of his sister and mother is a grave for a woman who has no relationship to any of them.  I thought Orthodox cemeteries did not allow that.  He had only one wife, my grandmother, and since he was only 29 when he died, this unknown woman cannot be related.

Since then, his stone has toppled, due to sunken ground.

This is why I have a negative opinion of this cemetery.
Josephine Rosenblum

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