Re: Radziejow, Poland #poland


I have several ancestors from Radziejow, but do not know how to research them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My fathers grandfather, my GGG, (Maier Löwin Ordewer 1853-?, was supposedly one of twelve boys, eleven of whom became Rabbis. I am unable to find any trace of the eleven. Can you suggest a search path for me to use? I do not believe any of them emigrated to the U.S. I am a first generation American, having arrived as an infant on Ellis Island 9/1/1938 on the last safe crossing of the S.S. Saint Louis, prior to the 'Voyage of the Damned."

In addition I am searching for:
Löwin, Lowin, Lewin, Loewin, Ordewer, Wegener, Malz, Solomon, Kornberg.

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