Nyasvizh (Nesvizh) Yizkor Book - new sections have been translated and posted! #belarus #yizkorbooks #holocaust

Steve Stein

I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Molly Karp, our translator, as well as a couple of very generous donors, we have been able to add dozens of newly translated pages of the Hebrew section of Sefer Nesvizh to our translation this year. These sections have been posted in the Yizkor Book section of the JewishGen site. The sections include:

  • pp. 85-88 - "A Jewish City", a memoir of the prewar era by Mordechai Ze'ev Raisin
  • pp. 91-98 - memories of Shlomo Damesek
  • pp. 105-113 - the history of HaShomer HaTzair in Nesvizh
  • pp. 190-206 - about the Rabbis and other notable individuals in Nesvizh
  • pp. 259-274 - the entire section "To The Memory of the Absent", about individuals who died after leaving Nesvizh either before or after World War II and prior to the publication of the Yizkor Book
These pages document the lives of dozens of the sons and daughters of Nesvizh, including individual and group photos. If you have a connection to Nesvizh, please check it out, your relatives may indeed be mentioned.

This means that we have now translated about 20 percent of the 540-page book.

However, funds are starting to run low, and we could use an additional infusion of donations to continue the work. Please contacted me if you are interested, and have any particular sections (check out the Table of Contents and the Name Index) you would like to have translated.

And thanks to the new Yizkor Book coordinator, Binny Lewis and his web team.

Steve Stein
Project Coordinator

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