Re: Nyasvizh (Nesvizh) Yizkor Book - new sections have been translated and posted! #belarus #yizkorbooks #holocaust


Steve, FYI I have been translating a few sections which are almost ready. As follows: 

FROM: Nesvizh: History of the town and of the Jewish Community, from foundation until the destruction of the Second World War.

By: Benjamin Yoali (Yevelevski)

From the February 1917 Revolution through the German occupation in 1918;

Page 292:  Under the Polish republic 1919- 20;

Under the Short Soviet Dominion (1920)

In Independent Poland (1920 – 1939)

 Zionist Activity
The development of the town in the years of Polish Independence

Jewish Community Life in the 1930s


Yitzchak Alperavitch

The Economic Life



Study houses, shtieblech and synagogues

Educational institutions, philanthropic and cultural institutions.

Shloime Farfel

“Toz” (טאָז

Pictures and Memories of Nesvizh

Moishe Aisenbud


The town at dawn

My father used to tell…


)A little page of history)

The Matzah Machine (p 330)
Chaver Lieberman (471-472)

They are mostly done (except for the Matzah Machine- I'm in the middle of that) but need polishing.  It's slow going.  FYI.


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