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Marilyn Feingold

My grandfather, Tobias Schlaffer, (born 1888 in Camenca Moldova) told me that all his aunts and uncles were from Camenca, but that his father, Abraham, (born 1857 ) had two brothers who left Camenca and had perhaps gone to Austria to escape the Russian draft.   My great grandfather's name was Israel Schlaffer. Israel and his wife, Rebecca had  the following  children : Moses Joseph, Eta, Sura, Dina, and Samuel and my great grandfather, Abraham.
 I was recently searching on My Heritage and found another family who spelled their name Schlifer.  They said  that their tree contained these two great great uncles I was looking for.  They had  changed their names and identities. One became David Hascal "Schlifer". David Hascal died in the Holocaust.  The other brother took the name Albert Zanvil "Schlifer".

In checking on the Yad Vashem site I did find a David Hascal but his parents were listed as Hascal and Ettel Hascal. (not Schlifer). David  Hascal was born in Falticini and died in Aushwitz  in l943. 
Albert  Zanvil  (b. 1874) was also called Shmuel Zvi (Schlifer), He had three wives, Golda,Ethel and one other.
 From the Schlifer site I also learned that my great great grandfather, Israel, instead of using the name Israel, used the name Israel Jacob or an alias of Isaac Jacob.  They said that Isaac Jacob was born in Kamienka Lubovna-Slovakia. The dates on their tree  for the death of Israel 1890 is the same date I have.

 I also learned from this other site that my great grandfather Abraham Schlaffer (Schlifer) was born in Kamienka Stara Lubovna District Presov Region Slovakia or Kamenka Kamensky District Penza Oblast. Oblast or Kamienka. My grandfather had told me that his father was born in Camenca.  There are no records for births in Camenca.  I am wondering if these are in fact my relatives or if this might not be the right match.  
The Schlifer site also mentioned that Solomon Schlifer was the father of my great grandfather, Israel, and that Solomon was married to Sara Leah Reines. Sara Leah comes from a long line of Hassidic rabbis.  It also says that Solomon was the Chief Rabbi of Moscow during the 1950's.  I am trying to figure out if my Schlaffer line is related to this Schlifer line.  Any suggestions as to how I should proceed?   If I decide to use a researcher does anyone have any suggestions as to who I should use?  I feel stuck! Thanks for any suggestions. Marilyn Feingold 
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