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Just in time for summer reading, we are delighted to announce the release of the June 2020 issue of the Galitzianer, the quarterly research journal of Gesher Galicia. This issue takes us from protests on the streets of Lemberg in 1848 to desperation in the fortress-city of Przemyśl during World War I. It draws us into a Viennese opera romanticizing the last imperial couple of the Austrian Empire and walks us through the holdings and history of the remarkable Ossolineum Library in Poland. It informs us of surprising genealogical revelations and makes some of us think about our ancestors’ names in a new light. It even helps us consider the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of the Spanish flu.

The June issue of the journal takes us on this whirlwind tour through the following articles:

·         “Research Corner: The Ossolineum” by Agnieszka Franczyk-Cegła

·         “Soaring Hopes of 1848: Demonstrations and Petitions” by Andrew Zalewski

·         “The Great Siege of Przemysl: Prelude to the Holocaust” by Alexander Watson

·         “Surviving a Pandemic: Then and Now” by Sharon Taylor

·         “An Opera Tried to Heal a Broken Europe” by Larry Wolff

·         “Name Americanization Patterns: From Rochel to Rose, Mendel to Max” by Jason H. Greenberg

·         “Discovering a Rabbinic Lineage: From Bardejov to Brody” by Jacob Rosen-Koenigsbuch

·         “President’s Page” by Steven S. Turner

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Jodi G. Benjamin

Editor, The Galitzianer

Gesher Galicia

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