Re: JSTOR Expands Free Access During Pandemic #announcements

Alberto Guido Chester

Dear Jewishgenners
Yesterday Jan Meisels Allen posted the announcement of free access for JSTOR.
For those not used to looking in books or academic sources for the CONTEXT of our genealogical searches, may I strongly recommend to take advantage of these databases that are free during these harsh quarantine times.
In my personal case, understanding the context of time and place where my ancestors lived has been as important as gathering their names and dates of vital records.
JSTOR is one of the most complete repositories of academic work and looking for key words like hasidism or feudal Poland or Polish magnates or even shtetls might open a new window in your research.
Of course, there are other very good sources like Y.S: Agnon, Israel Singer and Isaac Bashevis SInger´s books for the ambience and life in shtetls or the recent book the Golden AGe Shtetl: A new history of Jewish Life in East Europe (which deals with a previous time before the great wave of migration to the West began). Some chapters of the latter are available also in JSTOR.
As a historian and hobbyist genealogist, please forgive myself for giving this insistent advice.


Alberto Guido Chester

Buenos Aires, Argentina
PS: I have no personal interest in any of the sources mentioned.

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