Re: Grodno Gubernia - Family names Mattis/Matesky and Weinberg #belarus

Diane Jacobs

Here is an easy way to understand what a Gubernia is:

New York State similar to Gubernia
New York County similar to a district within  the Gubernia.
New York ie Manhattan similar to a city, town or village within a district.

So you have Bereza, Pruzhany District,
Grodno Gubernia ie town, district, state.

Hope this helps.
Diane Jacobs 

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Hi Alex

Whilst I can't assist on your specific enquiry, my grandmother (Kaminky) was from Grodno Guberrnia. and settled in the UK

I wanted to ask what your understanding is of this place?..the way my grandmother described it to my mother, it was like a stetl (Fiddler on the Roof images) but Gubernia is a province/county/region encompassing the large city of Grodno (now in Belarus)...what is your view?

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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