Does anyone have (or have link to) Burgpreppach records (looking for KAHN) - matrikeln, B/M/D, etc? #germany

Rob Lederer (personal gmail)

Hi All.  This is and another are my first posts in 15+ years, since GerSIG days.

I'm looking for birth, marriage, death, matrikel, name change, and other records for Burgpreppach.  My target ancestor is Isaac Kahn b. 1803 and next known to be in NYC in 1836.  Later Burgpreppach records may still show family members of his even if I can't get to ones that include him specifically. 

Does anyone have these records?  Is there an online archive that contains them?  Being that it's Bavaria, I think it's not available online.

Thank you,
Rob Lederer


 Bohemia and US:

LEDERER, WEISSKOPF or WEISSKOPFOVA in Blovice (Blowitz) or around Pilsen, also Gablonz, Rumburk (Rumburg), and New York (and much of USA)

OPPER in Blowitz/Blovice

LORIE/LORY/LORIN of Putzlitz/Puzlic

JANOWITZ/JANOWSKY from Prague and Blowitz/BLovice

KOHN, BRETH, ROSENBAUM, ALTSCHUL in Golcuv Jenikov (Goltsch Yenikau) or Prague

STRAS, STRASS, STRASSER, STRAUSS, POPPER, KOHN, HELLER, PFEFFERKORN, FISCHER, GOLDMAN, STEINHARDT in or around Arnoltov (Arnitzgruen), Schoenlind (Krasna Lipa), Kirsch(en)birk, Cheb (Eger), Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (Allegheny/Pittsburgh) and NYC

LOEWI / LOEWY / LEVI in or around Mastov (Maschau)

STRAUSS of Drmoul/Duerrmaul

SCHWERY? SCHWERZ? And POPPER from Beneschau/ Benesov

LOEWI of Mies / Stříbro 


Germany and US:

GANS, GREIF, LEVI, HA-LEVI, HALEVI, ASCHER, MEIER, AUSCHER, MEUER, MOSES, JECHIEL, STERN, LOESER, RUBEN, ROTHSCHILD, and WEINBERG  in or around Langenschwarz, Rothenkirchen, Hechelmannskirchen, Burghaun or Huensfeld in Upper Franconia (Hessen)

GANS in New York

FROMM in Rengshausen

JACOB in Merzhausen

PRETZFELD(ER) in Burgkunstadt and NY

MORGENROTH in Burgkunstadt, Bischberg and anywhere else

EHRENBACH(ER) in Kunreuth, Burgkunstadt, and anywhere else

BRUILL (or BRUELL/ BRU”LL/ BRULL/ BRILL) in Burgkunstadt and Lichtenfels

FRIEDMANN in Burgkunstadt and (Friedman in Chicago)
ROSENBAUM in Kunreuth

SACHS in Bischberg

ROTHSCHILD, WEIL, FRANK, AUERBACH(ER) in or around Nordstetten or Muehringen (near Horb) and Mississippi

HOF(F)HEIMER, ISAK, ISAAK, SCHIELE, SCHIELEN, SCHILLEN, SCHUELE, LEVY OR LEVI in or around Fellheim, (Swabian Bavaria) Germany (or Memmingen?), Altenstadt-Illereichen, (Swabian Bavaria) Germany, and Missouri and Cincinnatti

STRAS(S)BURGER, BARUCH, and NEY or NEU in Hohebach, Ailringen, or Hollenbach  (Wuerttemberg/Swabia) and NY

LAMMLE or LAEMMLE or LEMMLE or LEMLE or LAMLE and JOEL and NATHAN in Braunsbach (Wuerttemberg/Swabia)

HIRSCH in Flehingen (Baden)

FLEHINGER in Flehingen (Baden)

KAHN and BAUM in Bavaria, Burgpreppach

BAUM in Reckendorf

“ANY” in Schwabisch Hall (Wuerttemberg/Swabia) [FIRST NAME Fratel]

Emanuel Pfeifer of Niederhochstadt

KAHN in Aschenhausen (Hessen) and Barchfeld (Hessen)

JOSEPH in Bromberg and Bordun or Fordon, Posen (now Bydgoszcz, Poland)  and Mississippi and New Orleans

PFEIFER in Niederhochstadt (Pfalz) – now Hochstadt -- and Mississippi

WOLFERMAN(N) from Cleveland, New York, and Missouri (St. Louis and Jefferson City), and Barchfeld  (Hessen), Germany

Still to add these yellow things to FTJP

VEIT from Emmendingen (Baden) and New York

BIEDERMAN(N)  from Gailingen (Baden) or Emmendingen (Baden)

DETTELBACH or DEDELBACH or DEDDELBACH from Gailingen (Baden) or Emmendingen (Baden), , Schmieheim (Baden)

GUENZBERGER from Emmendingen (Baden), Schmieheim (Baden), Breisach (Baden)  or elsewhere

GUGGENHEIMER from Gailingen (Baden), , Schmieheim (Baden), or elsewhere

WEIL from Emmendingen (Baden)

DREYFUS  Ingenheim (Bavaria) and Brookhaven, MS

(SURNAME UNKNOWN)  Schwabisch Hall and Hall


Jamaica, England, and US

HART and LEVY from Kingston, Jamaica (BWI), Spanish Town, Jamaica (BWI), and Woodville & Holmesville, Mississippi and New Orleans, LA

LEVY (aka Linn Levy) from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England


Hungary/Slovakia and US

SCHOENSTEIN from Budapest; Nagy-Cétény; Velký Cetín; Liptovské Sliače / Haromszlecs, Slovakia; Liptovské Sliače / Szlecs, Slovakia; Ruzomberok/Rosenberg, Slovakia; Lipto, Hungary (Slovakia); Partizanska Lupca / Nemet Lipcse, Slovakia; and Richmond (Staten Island), NY and New York, NY

STRELINGER from (All in Slovakia) Tvrdosin/Turdossin, Slovakia; Ludrova/Ludrowa, Slovakia; Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia; Ruzomberok, Slovakia

SHLOMO    from (All in Slovakia) Ruzomberok and Liptovsky Mikulas


Poland/ Polish Russia

HYMAN in "Weilga" (Vel'gia?) (possibly Wielkie Poland, which is like saying Poland) in Russian Poland, Summit, Mississippi, and New Orleans

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