Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

David Seldner

Well, I did it myself, already had all the papers through my research and had them notarized in the States. The application lists what you have to know and the form is available in English. Look under, at the end of the page.
If your application was denied and you want to give it another try, it might make sense to hire a lawyer.
Actually, I am not even sure you have to prove the connections - if you have the dates and locations I think they have to check whether it is correct. I gave them the papers because I already had them and was told they only have to verify it. Getting the documents should not be that difficult, writing to the municipal archives should do the job. If have a lawyer do it, you will have to pay for it and German lawyers may charge less than US lawyers but still more than enough :-)

David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

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