Re: Ottoman Jews during WW1 #general

E Feinstein

I am also researching the Jewish participation in WWI.  Speaking of Lawrence of Arabia.  There was a German military installation at Deraa in southern Syria, that Lawrence and his bedouins attacked and destroyed in September of 1918.  They also destroyed the German military cemetery and its 22 graves that had been attached to the field hospital (Feldlazarett) there.  Yes, you guessed it--there were Jewish burials in the cemetery.  Out of the 22 German soldiers buried there, I have record of two being Jewish.  Gerhard MENDELSOHN from Eisleben, Germany and Marcel WEIL from Buchweiler or Bouxwiller, France (Alsace.)  Even more incredible is that via my research I was able to connect with the family of Marcel WEIL and they sent me the picture of him below from before the war.  The family had no idea where he had fallen during that conflict.  

New Jersey

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