Re: Descendants of Dutch Jews. Any interest? #general


While I am not descended from Dutch Jews, one of my (German) aunts married a Dutchman and they lived in Amsterdam, from where they and their young child were deported to Westerbork and killed in Sobibor. 

As the family name is Cohen, it has not been particularly easy to find the family, although I ultimately had some success.  Today, based on the information in a new post, I learned of the multiple records available through the Dutch archives and have begun to plow through, although many are only in Dutch.

This is what I know about my uncle.  His name was Herman COHEN, born in Arnhem in 1908.  His father was Louis Simon COHEN, son of Simon Jacob COHEN and Sijtje SONDERVAN.  His mother was Louise DESSAU, daughter of Hermann DESSAU and Bertha KALISCHER.

If anyone has information about these families, please reply privately.

I have also learned that there is a "Jokos" file on my uncle and aunt's family, which I would like to pursue, but do not know how.  The file is said to reveal that a claim was lodged for compensation of valuables surrendered to the Lippmann-Rosenthal looting bank (there is a claim number).  I am hoping that learning who filed this claim may leas me to surviving relatives of my uncle's, but have no clue as to how to proceed with this investigation. 

A public reply to this part of my request might be helpful to others.

Thank you.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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