Re: Gittle ABRAMOWITZ-New Haven, Ct. 19th century #belarus #usa #general


Yoni Ben-Ari, I know you have been searching this family for a long time, because I took special note when I lived in the New Haven area.  I wonder if you were able to search marriage certificates in the area.  I lived in CT for many years.  The silver trade, if you mean manufacturing, was based in Meriden and Wallingford, CT, at that time.  These are adjoining towns about halfway between Hartford and New Haven.  I suggest considering that your ancestor lived in New Haven County rather than the city of New Haven. Unless there was great trolley or train service back then, it's likely that she lived near her work.  Both towns are in New Haven County.  There is currently train service from New Haven to Hartford that stops in both Wallingford and Meriden, so I suspect trains ran between them even over 100 years ago.  Furthermore, the train depot in Wallingford is within walking distance of where the silver company was.  I can't recall if that is true in Meriden, but there were no doubt streetcars at that time.  I hope this opens up some new avenues of investigation. I am replying to the group in case this will help anyone else.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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