Continuous Residency Requirement #usa #general


In Dec. 1894, an immigramt disembarked in NY, from Russia via Liverpool. Sometime before 1897. he returned to Russia. I don't know how long he was there, but in 1897 he returned, this time "immigrating for the first time" to Boston. He immediately returned to to New York and filed his Declaration of Intention (First Papers) to seek citizenship. In this document, he gave the 1894 immigration date as his first entry, and provided the ship name. My question is why he would say, at the second entry, that this was his first entry to the U.S. My guess is that he may have thought that his length of time out of the U.S. would have negated his first entry date and that the residency requirement clock would be reset.

Does anyone know what was the continuous residency requirement in 1897?

J. E Lipmanson

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