Re: Logistics of emigration from Pale of Settlement to America #lithuania #poland

Christine De Angelis


At the 2019 Texas State Genealogical Society's conference last October, David Passman presented "From Minsk to Manhattan:  Using Maps to Retrace an Ancestor's Journey."  It was an extremely detailed and fascinating talk.  I think you would find it quite enlightening.  From the syllabus:

When an immigrant ancestor leaves no letters, journals, or other mementos; retracing their journey proves problematic. Three records, all passenger lists, reveal that David Passman travelled from Minsk to Manhattan in spring 1891 with fellow landsman (countryman) Abraham Kriegel. Using historic maps in conjunction with research into extant integrated transportation systems illuminate David and Abraham’s journey city by city during the Age of Steam.

You should contact David (dbpdallas@...) to:
1)  Ask him when and where this presentation will next be available to view;
2)  When will his book on this topic be published and where / how to purchase it.

Chris D.

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