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David Lewin

At 03:17 21/06/2020, rebasolomon wrote:

Abt 1925-Cannon St. on the Lower East Side of NY.

My father told us, more than once, that when he was a child he would not eat. No matter what his mother gave him, he would not eat. So she took him to a place where they gave him some kind of porridge or oatmeal thing for breakfast. He did not eat it. Comes lunchtime, he goes in, and itís the same porridge, but now itís cold. Dinner, the same thing. Till finally he ate it and he never turned down his motherís food again.

Can this story be true?  I see from a map that the Henry Street Settlement was near Cannon St.  Any thoughts on this?

Most definitely this not only can be - but is!

I lived through the "Zena times"  - that was the time of the early yeas of an independent Israel.  Nothing was "available".   Everything was rationed.  The Aubergine (alias eggplant)  became the staple food.
When food is scarce we soon learned not to use the words "I don't like it"

David Lewin

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