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While indexing the nine reels of LDS microfilms for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Boston Arrival Card Database I came across a number of unusual and interesting examples.  This is the only one for a stowaway among the 24,000 cards.

David Rosen

On 6/21/2020 7:33 AM, Diane Jacobs wrote:
How was this record found?

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This is a record for a stowaway, arriving in Boston in 1915.  He was aided by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in a Special Inquiry case, as Yale Zussman decribes.

Jacob Batkowsky  age 26,  dated May 10, 1915.
SS: U.S. Colier Porthemous, arrived 10/5/15.  Nativity: Lodz, Russ-Poland.  Social State: G.
Occupation:  Carpenter   $16		Stowed away
Dest. to:  Cousin D. Glasser, 477 Thompkins Ave. Brooklyn, NY
We held of the hearing, pending word from relatives, communicated with New York Soc'y and
received affidavits and money order for $75.00.  We then got him a hearing and secured his
admission outright. We took him to our office where we furnished him with two meals, then
secured a ticket to New York, via Providence, bought him food for the night and placed him
on the train, wired his departure to the N.Y. Soc'y to await him.  We then returned the money
order uncashed to the N.Y. Soc'y for which we received acknowledgement.

David Rosen

On 6/20/2020 8:01 PM, YaleZuss via wrote:
Stow-aways weren't barred from entry into the United States. Section 3 of the 
Immigration Act of 1917 establishes the conditions for their admission: they could be admitted as long as they didn't fall into any of the excludable categories.  Before 1917, their fate was determined by Boards of Inquiry established by the Immigration Act of 1903.
Can you attach a date to when Solomon Rofer arrived in the US?  If so, you may be able to make a direct judgment about the story.
Yale Zussman

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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