Re: Looking for information about my family from Yedenitz #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Terry,  hello everybody who is interested in Bessarabia.


Here are several suggestions for Terry and also for everyone else who is researching their families.


  1. Our ancestors moved a lot in 19 century, that is why if you know that at some point they lived in Yedinetz, it does not mean that they did not come from close by or even not close town or village.  Do a broader search for that surname, and you may find your family somewhere else too.
  2. Do not use “Exact names”  (surname, first name)…  our ancestors changed their names, even it was forbidden at some point.
  3. We have some records for the Jewish cemetery in Yedinez, and in many other places in Bessarabia.  If you know where your great grandmother died, you can get some results from there.  Be aware that in 19 century or beginning of 20 century many gravestones do not have Surnames written…  use first name and father’s name instead.
  4. Do you know how the names (and surnames) were written in Russian?  That might be important… Instead of putting Mekler, Mackler, etc.  put an image with original Russian or Yiddish names (maybe from postcard, letter, etc.)
  5. I remember very well that in Miriam Weiner’s collection there were many records for people from Yedinez!  You should search that collection at Bessarabia website / Databases /Miriam Weiner’s collection.
  6. Also look into Business directory results of your search, and Voter’s list… you may find your family members there.
  7. I would suggest when you do a search analyze every line in the results window.


All the best,


Good luck to everybody with your research.


Yefim Kogan

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