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Sharon Taylor

My family came from Mariampol Galicia, just outside of Stanislawow. My favorite bedtime story, told in Yiddish, was about "Der Grosse Bear." I believe my mother learned the story from her mother or grandmother, and its similar to the tale of the Baba Yaga. One day, a mother leaves her children home while she goes to market. When she returns, the house is a shambles and all the children are gone. She grabs her sewing kit and heads into the forrest, following the enormous  footprints of a bear. She finds him sleeping beside a stream. She takes her scissors and cuts open the bear's belly and the children pop out. I always assumed that this story was common in that part of today's Ukraine. Is anyone familiar with this story or another similar tale?

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia PA

Researching NEMETH, BLOCH (Mariampol and Stanislawow, Galicia)
WEISNER, FLEISIG (Kulikow and Lemberg, Galicia)
FISHER, RAPPAPORT (Raguva, Vilna, and Kovno, Lithuania)

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