Re: New York index to death records-finding pre 1865 death date #usa

Renee Steinig

Joan, what you found is not a record of Gerson's death. It is the death record of Gerson's daughter Jeannette (married name RUND), 65, who died on 17 Oct 1907. Gerson's name appears in Ancestry's index because he is mentioned in the record.

After clicking on Gerson's name in Ancestry's index, you'll come to a second page. Click on Jeannette's name there to see additional details.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 1:23 PM Joan Pollak <JFPollak@...> wrote:
I recently found via an entry for my third great grandfather, Gerson Heilbroner, in the 1862-1948 New York Index to Death Records. Heilbroner was mispelled Hhilbroner which was why I had not stumbled upon this before. This is definitely confirmed as my ggggrandfather as the entry mentioned his wife and daughter's name.
1. Would the dates of the index indicate that he died 1862 and after-not before?
2. Would there be a next step in finding his actual death certificate/death date? I surmise that he died before May of 1865 because of naming patterns in the family.
Joan Pollak
Merion, Pennsylvania


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