Re: Cohanim and Levites #dna


Point of information:  All true Cohanim are also Leviim since Aaron and Moses came from the tribe of Levi.  What you mean to say is that they were Leviim but not Cohanim, despite the Cohen surname.
The story that the immigration authorities changed the surname at the port of entry to the US or any other country is almost always false, since they would copy the surname from the ship's registry.  However, I know one guy, very highly educated both secularly, in Torah and Talmud, and genealogy, who insists it happened in his family.  In this case, of his immigrant ancestor from Poland/Lithuania—the story goes—the surname was long and complicated and at least partially illegible.  As a result, he claims that the immigration agent at Ellis Island "shortened" it to Levine.  They are not Leviim. 

Marc M. Cohen, Los Gatos, California, USA

BARAK/CANTORCZY: Khotin, Bessarabia; Strorozhinets, Bukovina, Ukraine
CHOMITZ/HAMETZ: Ionina (Janina), Greece; Ignatovka, Ukraine; Kiev Gubernia, Ukraine
COHEN: Dinovitsi (Dunayevtsy) Ukraine; Roman/Tirgu Frumos, Romania
KORNITZKY: Kiev Gubernia, Stepnitz/Stepantsy, Ukraine
RÎBNER: Storozhinetz, Costesti (Costyntsi), Drachinets, Cabesti, Bukovina, Ukraine
ROSENBERG: Tirgu Frumos, Roman, Romania; ISRAEL
WEININGER: Cabesti, Costesti, Drachinets, Czernowitz, Bukovina, Ukraine

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