Pulin cemetery photos; Zvil cemetery study #ukraine


Leonid Kogan, a historian living in the West, is working on a study of the Jewish cemetery of Pulin in Ukraine, a small former shtetl located about 25 miles West of Zvil, a.k.a. Novograd-Volynsky, in Ukraine. His plans for another field trip to Pulin, known as Chervonormejsk or Krasnoarmejsk in Soviet times, were derailed by the Wuhan virus.

Since Leonid’s English is less than fluent, I am asking all genealogists who have traveled to Pulin and who have any photos from the cemetery to share them. You are welcome to send the photos to Boris@... and they will be promptly forwarded.

If anybody is interested in Kogan’s monograph titled Novograd-Volysnky Jewish Necropolis, drop me a note and I will send a copy. It’s a PDF file, in Russian. It includes a complete database of all burials.
Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

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