Historic Synagogues of Europe #general #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen




The Foundation for Jewish Heritage https://www.foundationforjewishheritage.com/ has posted a map Historic Synagogues of Europe http://historicsynagogueseurope.org/synagogue-map

By clicking on any of the red  “balloons”  a photograph and information about that synagogue opens up. 


The Foundation for Jewish Heritage is dedicated exclusively to the preservation of Jewish architectural sites, working internationally to ensure a future for historic synagogues, Jewish monuments and places of cultural significance.


If you click on their news tab, https://www.foundationforjewishheritage.com/news-hub.html there is information on the former Merthyr Tydfil synagogue in Wales (see below); coverage of their Iraq Syria Jewish heritage mapping project; mapping of the endangered Jewish heritage of Iraq and Syria; the project to save the historic and remarkable 'Soldiers Synagogue' in Tomsk in Siberia; supporting local efforts to save the remains of the New Israelite Temple in Hamburg; Moreshet in Wroclaw and more.


The most recent is their securing funding for preserving an re-purposing the former Merthyr Tydfil synagogue in Wales  see: https://www.foundationforjewishheritage.com/news-merthyr2.html
















Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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