Re: Finding image on LDS microfilm from index #general

Risa Heywood

I wrote an article on this very subject which should be coming out in the next issue of Avotaynu. I also may be giving an online demo on how to work with unindexed records like these on FamilySearch for the upcoming IAJGS Virtual Conference. During that demo, I'll show you rather than just tell you how to make use of these unindexed films.

To specifically answer Harlan's question:

The #2 in the right-hand column under the film number is the Item # on the microfilm. A film may contain only one item, part of an item or it may have multiple items. In your example, the fourth image on your film is the beginning of Item 1. Scroll down through the film until you see a similar image that contaIns the beginning of Item 2. The third button on the left menu (under the minus sign) lets you toggle between seeing one image and multiple images which makes scrolling easier.

In some cases, the image number is in the JewishGen index record, right under the Item # but it's not there in this case. But, there is a Record # in the next column to the left, F266. So the record you want should be on Film 2205099, Item 2, Record # 266. Page through a few frames in this item to see how the records are arranged. You can see that there are several records on a page and the Russian is on the left and Hebrew on the right. Either page through or guess how many frames to jump until you get to #266. It is at the bottom of the page on image 293.

Risa Daitzman Heywood
Arizona, USA

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