Latvian archives website changed, links on JewishGen will not work, volunteers needed to assist fixing database #latvia #JewishGenUpdates

Stephen Weinstein

The website for the Latvian State Historical Archives has been changed to

The registration page is now

Jewish records are at

None of the links in the "The Jewish Vital Records of Latvia Collection - The Christine Usdin Collection", "Latvia Marriages and Divorces Database", "Latvia Births Database" and "Latvia Death Records" database on JewishGen will work.  (Neither will the links on my website, but I don't think anyone uses it anyway, so I'm not bothering to fix it.)

I am looking for a volunteer to go on the new website and find the new link to replace each link in the database.  I will give you a spreadsheet that has all the records in the database.  You would open it in Excel (or a similar free program), replace the links, and send it to someone at JewishGen for them to upload.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

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