Cohanim and Levites #dna


I am doing what may be the first serious study of the meme that immigrant names could not have been changed involuntarily on immigration.  With two exceptions, addressed below, every claim on behalf of this meme is either demonstrably false, based on faulty logic, or involves serious methodological errors.  Schelly Talalay Dardashti is wrong about clerks being "firbidden to do that."  There is no law forbidding involuntary changes to immigrant names, at least prior to 1940, and so far, no regulation to this effect has been found.

The two exceptions are that changing immigrant names, while encouraged,  was not policy, and that the clerks didn't write the passenger manifests.  Neither of these precludes immigrants inferring that their names had been changed involuntarily.  There is a mechanism that leads to this conclusion that is perfectly consistent with everything that I have found.
I requested a document from NARA just before it closed due to the virus and am awaiting its reopening.  There is reason to believe this document will answer all the remaining questions about this matter.
Yale Zussman 

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