Re: Iasi , Romania research #romania


Hi Teodora. I have been researching the Plutzers and Rosenblatts, my paternal grandparents. I know that the Plutzers were from Lusan, current day Luzhany Ukraine and Lujeni Romania inter-war. I believe the Rosenblatts were from the same area.  My maternal grandmother, Minnie maiden name Plutzer's parents were Esther and Marcus. Esther came over in around 1907 and there is real confusion about when Marcus came over. I also have not been able to determine with certainty when Minnie came over. A Mina Plutzer came over in 1900 from Lusan, but there are many contradictions in the records.

I have no idea where records are located, but I would be grateful for any effort you can make.

Thanks. Have a safe and pleasant journey.

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