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Daniel Mann

Can anyone please advise me how me how I can learn if two people are really the same?

The first is Mallter, Gittel Mann who in 1944 lived in the Bronx.  Her name was first given to me by a cousin in a list of relatives with little or no explanation how we are related. 

However, her petition for naturalization card has the name Mann.  Apparently this is her maiden name &  is also likely how I connect with her.  Her Ellis Island papers (1935-38) also mention the name Mann.  The name Gittel Mann also shows up in the Vienna Marriage record of Rochel Lea Malter likely her daughter. 
This is likely the connection as my surname also is Mann.

Her travel documents state that she was born in Ulaszkowce (in Galicia) about 1870-71, and lived in Vienna before immigrating to the US. 
My grandfather Phillp Mann was similar. He was born in Ulaszkowce in 1875 and lived in Vienna before coming to the US in the 1930s.
She also had a son named Maurice Malter. Her husband likely was Beiritz (Beirisch) Malter.  

Although my connection seems to be through the Mann family I don't have much information on that.

However there was a Gussy Malter who at the time of the 1940 census was living with her (older) sister, Yetta Stettner in Manhatten.  Yetta Stettner's father was Feibel Mann from Austria. Yetta passed away Jan 1944.
My question is how can I discover whether Gittel Malter Mann became Gussy Malter Mann in America? ( I have no burial record which might have her father's name.)
This would help clarify our Mann connection.

Thank you for your advice.
Daniel Mann
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