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Do you know if ReMa, Rabbi Moses Isserles had a daughter Miriam?

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The source for generations 1 through 8 is "Otzar haGedolim"; burials
mentioned for Krakow are >from Balaban; the descendants of those from
generation 9 are >from Otzar haRabbanim

1. Rabbi Israel of Krems (14th century) author of HaGahot Asheri.
The story of Unetanna Tokef that we relate at Rosh HaShana with the
martyrdom of Amnon of Mainz was passed on through him and attributed
by him to Isaac of Vienna's Or Zarua.

2. Haim of Henborg

3. Rabbi Petatiah ASHKENAZI (13__-died by 1405) m. sister of Rabbi
Aaron BLUMLEIN(d.1421). Aaron's father is not known but he took his
surname >from his mother's name, Blumel or Plumel. Petatiah died
while his son was a minor. Petatiah's wife and her brother were
murdered March 12, 1421 in Neustadt. Aaron BLUMLEIN is also
described as one of the martyrs burned at Enns.

4. Rabbi Israel ISSERLIN II aka Israel MARBURGER (1390-1460) m.
Shandelin niece of Rabbi Sholom of Wiener-Neustat (he fl 1380) who
was the son of Rabbi Isaac Zakel who was the son of Rabbi Judah Katz
of Vienna. Judah Katz is said to be the son-in-law of Rabenu Sholom
the maternal grandson of Rabbi Baruch of Rothenburg.

Israel ISSERLIN is the subject of an English language biography in
Jewish Encyclopedia (see He was author of
Trumat haDarshan. He is thought to have been born at Regensburg,
educated in Neustadt at Aaron BLUMLEIN's Yeshiva, moved to Northern
Italy then to Marburg in Austria's Styria where he was the leading
rabbi >from 1427. In 1440s he returned to Neustadt where he lived
until his death in 1460s. He refers to his great-grandfather Israel
of Krems, his father Petatiah, his uncle Aaron BLUMLEIN ha Kadosh,
in his writings. He wrote over 250 responsa and was considered the
preeminent authority of his day.

5. Haim sometimes called Haim of Henborg II. See Note for Petatiah

6. Petatiah GOLDMAN also called Kokel Goldman (1480s)
This is a note >from the writer of this email, Deborah Glassman, not
to be blamed on any other source - but it would seem to be worth
confirming that Haim of Henborg and Petatiah Goldman were two
separate people. Israel ISSERLIN, the Trumat Darshan, lost his father
when he was a child. It would be expected that he named his first
son for that father Petatiah. The name of a man who died before he
was forty was in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (not
stating that this was necessarily so in the fifteenth century)
modified before giving it to an infant. Haim Petatiah would be one
of the typical forms found in later years. An original document with
both persons mentioned, or Petatiah mentioned after Haim is
described as deceased would be conclusive. Petatiah does not appear
in the cemetery in Krakow where his son's family is buried. Petatiah
is said to be named GOLDMAN >from the name of his wife, mother, or
mother-in-law. If he is identical to Haim son of Israel ISSERLIN,
then his mother would be Shandelin, but his wife and mother-in-law
still unaccounted for.

7. Joseph (sometimes written Joseph ISSERLIN) m.Gittel AUERBACH (she
d. 1552, buried Krakow) daughter of Moshe AUERBACH-ISERLIN and of
Moshe AUERBACH's wife Mushkat daughter of Israel ISERLIN (presumed
to be Israel ISSERLIN the Trumat Darshan). Moshe AUERBACH is said to
be the son of Tevele aka David a nephew of Rabbi Sholom of Vienna
(it is not clear in my notes if the note re Tevele is >from Otzar

8. Israel aka Isserl Lazars aka Israel ISSERLIN (1490s-died 1553,
buried Krakow) m. Dina Malka Shrentzels called Malka (d.1552 buried
Krakow) daughter of Eliezer Shrentzels and Drusila/Dreisel Luria -
Dreisel d.1560 Krakow). Israel was a leading banker and merchant and
he built the synagogue called for his son the REMA synagogue.
[Had children including Moses ISSERLES, Isaac Bogatym,
Eliezer ISSERLES, Miriam Bella who married Pinchas HOROWITZ].

9. Rabbi Moshe ISSERLES 1520-1572
m1. Golda bat Shalom Shakna of Lublin (her dates 1532-1552,
buried Krakow cemetery)
m2. dtr of Mordechai Gershon Katz her father called Gershon,
her brother Joseph author of Sherit Yosef is frequently referred to
as Moses' brother-in-law.

10. Dreisel (Drusila) 1562-1602 m. Simha Bunem MEISELS (d.1624) The
Dreisel who is buried in Krakow Cemetery 1560 is Moses ISSERLES's
grandmother, not his daughter as sometimes attributed.

Dreisel bat Moshe ISSERLES is clearly the daughter of Ms. Katz, as
Moshe's first wife pre-deceased Dreisel's namesake great-grandmother

11. Rabbi Isaac Rabbi Bunems (died in Pinsk?) m. Miss ___ MEISELS
bat Abraham b. Joseph MEISELS (Abraham died Heshvan 1600) His wife
was also a MEISELS, daughter of Labe MEISELS

12. Rabbi Benjamin Wolf MEISELS aka Rabbi Wolf VILNER brother of
Moshe The Mahardura Batra

13.Yentil Leah MEISELS m. Rabbi Shabatei Kohen haSHiK (1621-1662)
Shabatei's children referenced in Otzar haRabanim: (The names of
the daughters are >from other sources)
a daughter Tuba who married Rabbi David KATBEN(she died Nisan
1717 in Zolkiew)
a daughter or sister who married Rabbi Isaac Kohen of the
EISENSTADT family, no surname used (the father of Meir, Pnei Meor),
[in Daat Kedoshim she is called Esther sister of Shabatei]. She is
Isaac EISENSTADT's 2nd wife, married in 1656 Vienna. If she is in
fact the daughter of Shabatei, she is also attriobuted with the
following marriage:
a daughter Esther who married Menahem Meinish CHAIT. The CHAITs
had a daughter who married Pinchas who in turn was the father-in-law
of Rabbi Hananiah Lipman MEISELS
a daughter Yochaved who married Rabbi Aaron MAGOZ-ZVI
a son Rabbi Moshe KATZ who married ITTINGER

Hope this helps.

Deborah Glassman
Elkins Park PA

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