Re: Naming pattern - TURKUS #general

Rodney Eisfelder

This naming pattern (given name followed by patronym) was absolutely standard among Ashkenazi Jews before surnames were introduced.
In Eastern Europe the patronym was generally "decorated" by -ovitch or similar. In Hebrew, it was prefixed by ben or bat, but in German speaking countries the patronym was generally undecorated. Many families continued to use patronyms as middle names long after the introduction of surnames in the early 19th century. One famous example is the Orthodox Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. While wikipedia says his father was Mendel Hirsch*, says his father was Raphael Aryeh Hirsch. So in the rabbi's name, Raphael was a patronym.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia
*At least one of sources cited by wikipedia is a family tree that supports the version.

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