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Mary Ellen,

The translation of the gravestone is as follows:
First line: po nikbarah (abbr.) – here lies
Second line: imanu ha’yikarah ­– our dear mother
Third line:  eishet tzenuah v’yesharah – a modest and upright woman
Fourth line:  nichbadah v’choshavah – respected and important
Fifth line:  l’chol yoda’ah v’ahuvah – by all who knew and loved her
Sixth line:  marat Chanah Freida – Mrs. Chanah Freida
Seventh line:  bat mareinu ha’rav (abbr.) Yaakov ­– the daughter of our teacher Rabbi Yaakov
Eighth line:  niftara – who died
Ninth line:  b’shem tov (abbr.) 13th Kislev 5673 ­– with a good name on the 13th of Kislev 5673
Tenth line:  nishmata tsrurah b’tsror ha’chaim (abbr.) – may her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

The 13th of Kislev 5673 corresponds to 23 November 1912.
Yours truly,

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