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Alyssa Freeman

      I take issue with the majority of sources on My Heritage and Geni being from trees. Both sides have Social Security, Census, birth, death, and marriage records and public records, among others. They're not perfect and it's harder to find evidence for ancestors who lived their entire lives outside an English speaking country, but that's where Jewish Gen and Family Search can be helpful.  My main tree is on MH. I don't have record matches for every single person, but I do have them for a lot of them. With Geni, even though Geni is linked to My Heritage, I find a lot of errors, since their goal is to make one giant family tree of the Jewish people and you can edit someone else's tree. However, I've gotten a lot of relatives from other people's trees there that have had record matches come up once I add them to My Heritage. I have found some famous people in my tree - no kings or queens but a couple of artists, musicians, and writers - and I've verified all them. Only one of them had I ever heard of before. Only once did one turn out to be wrong, and it was someone I got from a tree in Geni. 
     My mom uses Ancestry. She finds things that I haven't and I find things that she hasn't and we sometimes correct each other, so I'd say those two are about equal. Family Search tends not to have as many living relatives in their records from foreign countries but they do have records from many other countries - except Israel. My guess as to why is because FS is run by the Mormons.
Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

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