Re: Finding image on LDS microfilm from index #general

Harlan Weller

I wanted to thank all the individuals who responded to this request with helpful advice.  One person was able to find the record within the microfilm and I have posted it to Viewmate.  It is VM number 82668 (the record numbered 266 on the bottom of the page).
As I indicated on the Viewmate entry, I can make out most of the Hebrew side of the record (with the exception of the first word) and it matches information for the name of my great grand aunt and her father's name (Menachem Ber) ,  However, there are a lot more words on the Russian side of the record and I would appreciate any help in translating what is written there.  For example, does this show her husband's name or her mother's name?
I appreciate all the assistance that was provided by members of this group, as well as the unnamed indexer from Litvak SIG who made it possible to locate this record..
Harlan Weller    <harlan.weller@...>

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