My Mother's Diary by Sosia Gottesfeld Zimmerman #galicia

Tony Hausner

This diary written more than seventy years ago describes how a Jewish
family -- living in Skala, a Ukrainian shtetl, survived the Holocaust >from
1941 through 1944.

After the Germans occupied Skala in 1941, the Jewish community faced
constant harassment and degradation, sadistic brutality, and killings.
The "final solution" began there when the Germans conducted their first
"action" in September 1942. Sosia and her family hid with various
farmers for several months and one in particular for over 14 months.
Her diary vividly describes the terrible plight of the Jews in Ukraine and
of her family specifically. They faced continuous demands that they
leave. Every time they pleaded to stay a little longer. Every day brought
fears of being found out by neighbors, the Ukrainian militia, German
patrols. Every day brought depravation, hunger, cold. All around them,
the few remaining Jews were being caught and murdered. Somehow,
they managed to hang on for eight months until being liberated by the
advancing Russian army in March 1944. The hand-written diary in
Yiddish is now preserved in the Yad Vashem Archives in Jerusalem.

The book is available >from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Skala is the town where my mother's family is from. Skala was part of
Galicia prior to World War I.

Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD
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