Re: Seeking information on a village named Horodok, Vilna #lithuania

Shimona Kushner

My grandfather came from a village in the region near Gorodok.  The village was called Trellisey.  My brother and I visited the whole area (including Gorodok) in 2008.  My grandfather, Shimon Soloveichik, was a student in the Volozhin Yeshiva and when he contracted typhus during the epidemic there he was sent to live with his cousin, Rabbi Nissan Broide, who  was rabbi in the town and with whom he continued to study for two more years. Hope this adds a bit of information.

We remember that at the time of our visit we met a local man who spoke of a museum which existed but was closed.  He also took us to the site of the massacre of the Jewish residents of Gorodok in a field outside the town.

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