Re: Seeking information on a village named Horodok, Vilna #lithuania

Alexander Sharon

As the addition to my previous message regarding Horodok near Molodechno, please refer to the entries in town’s 1921 statistical data as shown in 1929 Poland Business Directory at


Jewish folks have been representing 70% of the total number of the local town residents, and nearly all economical positions.

Perhaps Bette Grienfield, who has initiated this thread, can forward data from 1929 Directory to Horodok, Belarus town’s folks who are working on town Jewish History to reproduce the names from the Directory on their site.


BTW Bette, two of the names that you are researching: A. Sznill (Haberdashing) and O. Szepszenwort (Flour) are shown in the Directory listing.


Alexander Sharon

JGFF editor

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