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I, too, have an ancestral connection to Kopyl -- sort of.

I have very little documentation for my KIRZNER grandfather and his family.   In some U.S. documents he is listed as coming from Kletsk, a town about 20 miles (~32km) SW of Kopyl as the bird flies.  Family stories put his family on an orchard/farm outside of town.  I have slender information that this farm was in the direction of Kopyl, so I'm working on the theory that the family farm was about half-way between the two towns, and the family had connections to both towns.  Any KIRZNERs in Kopyl

A second mystery:  I'm also searching for a Jewish community in the same vicinity, based on a clue in the story of some refugees fleeing west to Kletsk in about 1924.  At that time, there was a roughly north-south running border between Kopyl and Kletsk.  They crossed secretly, at night, and struggled through the swamps along the border. They stopped at a synagogue just after crossing the border, then proceeded to Kletsk.   Was there a Jewish community in that area?  Contemporary Polish maps don't show any candidates -- but the maps often omit synagogues.

 Maybe someone descended from Kopyl knows, or can put me on the right path.   Anyone?

Thanks in advance!


Henry Neugass
Wysokie-Litewskie: ZUBOV (or variant), GRYNFELD
Salem, Oregon USA

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