Seeking information about Max Mangel #galicia

Marc Mangel <marc.mangel@...>

Dear Genners,

The moderator asked me to give more information about Max Mangel.

I do not know the name of his parents. His US place of residence was
New York City. On my personal website ( I have
a page concerning family history. There I summarize what I have

"Results for the US. My research thus far has determined that the most
likely common Mangel ancestor in the US was Max Mangel. Max was
born in Tarnow, then part of the Austro-Hungarian (AH) empire, in
March 1848 and immigrated to the US in June 1883. [He applied for a
passport in April 1906.] A July 1906 manifest for the Port of NY lists his
address as 734 5th NYC. (There is also somebody called Louise Mangel,
729 5th on the manifest.) He was naturalized on 22 Oct 1892, listed
his occupation as pedlar and former nationality as "Emperor of Austria."

"The NY 1925 census lists Max as head of household (at age 75), living
in the Bronx and members of the household are Marian [Miriam] Mangel
(50), Annie Werner (47), Hernym Hochberg (32), Sadie Hochberg (27),
Mitchell Hochberg (4) and Harrell Hochberg (0, by which I assume infant).
He is also in the 1915 NY census and the 1900, 1920 and 1930 US

"The 1940 US census lists Morris Hochberg (aged 45), Sadie (age 44),
Mitchell (19), Ruth (15), and Anna Werner (60) as sister-in-law.

"Max's obit (25 Nov 1934) lists him as the husband of the late Miriam
and dear father of Simon, Sol, Rose Mangel, Ester Ehrlich, Sophie Lacov,
Lottie Granovetter, Anna Werner, and Sadie Hochberg. He is buried in
Mt Lebanon Cemetary."

I am most interested in going backwards in time, learning particularly
about Max's family (e.g. parents, brothers and sisters).

My goal is to trace how a Mangel ended up in Vienna, Austria (the
birthplace of my father in 1916).

Thank you in advance for help.

Marc Mangel

MODERATOR'S NOTE: A new source announced today on Gary Mokotoff's
"Nu? What's Nu?" makes it easy to find Max Mangel's parents' names
(Mordecai and Hannah):
"New York, New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949"
The FamilySearch index goes far beyond earlier printed and online
indexes, to include parents' names and other important details (address,
cemetery, and more). Also new on FamilySearch are NYC birth indexes
(1846-1909) and marriage indexes (1866-1938), which also contain
much additional information extracted >from the records:

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