Przytyk Pogrom, Radom, Minkowski daughters #poland #general

Raffi Jesin

My grandmother Rosa Weisberg nee Brucha Horowicz grew up in Radom. She always spoke of an orphan girl (who was older than her) her parents took in for a while after the Przytyk pogrom in 1936 named Perele or Perla. Probably due to the proximity of the ongoing trial in Radom.
The only orphans I know of from the progrom were the Minkowski's. The younger ones were boys and the older 2 girls eventually moved to Israel, but I couldn't find their names anywhere to confirm if it was one of them. Does anyone know the names of the 2 older Minkowski daughters? or what happened to them? did they make it to Israel?
-Raffi Jesin

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