Re: When was this picture taken? #germany #photographs

Bob Silverstein

I did some history, very briefly, and found this and now think the 1890's sounds good.

Ten years after the first International Exposition of Electricity in Paris at the Palais de l'Industrie, Germany was on the leading edge of this new technology. The world's first electric tramway, conceived by Werner von Siemens, was put into service near Berlin in 1881. In 1883, Emil Rathenau founded a company specialized in electrical equipment (light bulbs, flatirons, tea kettles, radiators, refrigerators, etc.), which soon became one of the country's most successful companies. The first electricity company was created in Berlin in 1884 and the first experiment in transporting electricity over a long distance was performed in 1891.

By the way, Emil Rathenau was Jewish and founded AEG.  Though the company is long gone, the logo still appears on buildings in Berlin.

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