Name Changes on Passenger Lists #general


As a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG)
I have seen thousands of ship's passenger list pages.  Check marks, BSI notations, X marks, brief notations of many kinds are ubiquitous.
The ISTG requires a transcription to include every dotted i and every crossed t, with explanations of anything unusual, e.g. a name was spelled one way on the manifest but another way on the Detained Aliens list. 
ISTG members have transcribed more than 180,000  ships, hundreds of thousand of pages.  On their website is a search box.  I entered "Name change" in quotes. and came up with 28 instances.  This one is from one of my own ships, arriving Seattle from Japan in 1941 with Sugihara refugees.  It is the one and only entry in the entire database with a name change notation on the manifest, and it applies to the given name.  There are a small number within the 28 with alternate spellings, probably as clarifications,  but not actual changes. 
Almost all the ISTG transcribers will submit manifests for their own family member's arrival. They add notes to explain name changes within there own family as they took place in subsequent years, never at the time of arrival.       


David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/25/2020 10:52 PM, Roger Lustig via wrote:
> Check marks were most of what the officials /did/ write on the > manifests, and they're generally quite large. What manifests are you > referring to? > > Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIGoger:  I agree with you. As a mw

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